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Try out the FlexNA Framework

If you're eager to try out the FlexNA framework for yourself, we don't want to stand in your way; but there are some prerequisites you'll need to be aware of. FlexNA requires the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework and Microsoft XNA Game Studio to be installed.

If you already meet these requirements, then you're all set! Simply download the file of your choice from the pane on the right (see step 2 below). If you don't yet have the required software, start with step 1 below:

#1. Download and install the current version of .NET and XNA Game Studio. You can get both of these and some additional useful tools by downloading the Windows Phone Developer Tools suite.

#2. If you simply wish to use FlexNA alongside an existing project, download the FlexNA Framework zip file on the right. Extract the contents to a folder of your choice and then add a reference to the DLL file within your project in Visual Studio.

Note: The DLL file and the included XML file must be kept in the same directory in order for XML documentation to be available within your IDE.

#3. If you wish to create a new FlexNA application, download the FlexNA Windows Application Project Template for C# zip file on the right. Copy the file to your "Visual Studio 2010\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#" folder, create a new project, and choose the FlexNA template as your starting point. The template package contains the FlexNA DLL bundled within it and is automatically referenced when the project is created.